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A #YouMatter Day

Today would have been my grandparents’ 72nd wedding anniversary. While my grandfather passed away a few years ago, Gram is still alive, kicking, and playing Bingo back east in Maine. To honor both of them on their special day, I’ve decided that today should be a #YouMatter day.

Here’s the idea: Take a moment or two (or twenty) today and tell at least one person why they matter to you. You can say it to them in person, privately, or in a very public forum like Twitter. Here’s a #YouMatter note to my friend Lee Kolbert that I just shared:

If my grandparents followed me on Twitter, I would share with the world why they have always been two of the most important people in my life:

Won’t you join me? Help change the world today, one note, tweet, or hug at a time! If you post your #YouMatter note to Twitter, please be sure to use the #YouMatter hashtag. And if there’s room in your tweet, please add #youmatterday also. If there isn’t room, would you be willing to share a link to your #YouMatter tweet in a comment to this post? If you’re not on Twitter, then please feel free to add your #YouMatter note in the comments here also.

Happy #YouMatterDay!

Happy Anniversary, Gram and Gramps! I love you both!!